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The Paraná Forest is a subtropical rainforest. Of the three countries (Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina) in which this type of jungle can be found, only Argentina has preserved an important surface area.

The Misiones Province in Argentina

As this is a subtropical area, seasons are well defined.The summers are hot, and winters can be cold, with temperatures that can go to three degrees centigrade below zero. If your visit is during our winter, don’t forget your coat, as temperature differences between day and night can be a drop of over twenty degrees centigrade.


These low temperatures occur mainly during the months of July and August, although this varies a lot from one year to the next,

This is a satellite map of the province of Misiones, Argentina with the green areas the remnants of rainforest of conservation interest. The bordering country are Brasil and Paraguay

as winters can sometimes be temperate, or even warm.

Very few birds migrate, which means that birdwatchers will be able to enjoy finding most of them all year round.


Humidity is high, nearly always above 70%, the annual rainfall varying between 1,800mm and 2,000mm. The nightly dew fall is also very high and can reach 200mm annually.

We wish to point out that annoying insects like mosquitoes, ticks and horseflies are uncommon, and will only become an irritation in the immediate aftermath of long rainy periods.

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